For Hosted VoIP/PBX providers, our eCommerce plugin, the Audio Production Store, gives you the ability to offer customers audio recordings as an instant revenue stream.

What is the Audio Production Store?


The Audio Production Store is an eCommerce plugin that you can direct your clients to when they’re looking for audio recordings. The store is customized to match your website, branding, and business requirements. We host, manage, fulfill orders, and provide support – you get the commission.


Benefits For You Benefits for Your Clients
  • Created instant revenue stream.
  • Adds value to reinforce key features of your products.
  • Provides a unique selling proposition over competition.
  • Entices new clients.
  • Reinforces other marketing campaigns.
  • Provides the audio recordings they’re already seeking.
  • Saves money with discounted prices and optional promo codes.
  • Offers quick and easy ordering with online interface.
  • Includes fulfillment in 3 business days or less.


What’s Included With the eCommerce Partnership? 

  • Complete hosting. Your store will be set up on a subdomain of the Audio Production Store and is hosted and maintained by Holdcom.

  • Custom Branding. We’ll set the store up with your logo, colors, and company name. Your URL will read “”. You can even create a custom header image for additional branding and promotional opportunities.

  • Multiple Customer Support Channels. Our team of dedicated script consultants and customer service representatives are available to answer questions, review scripts, and fulfill projects through live chat, email, and phone support.

  • Marketing Support. When you want to give your store sales a little boost, a marketing message might be in order. We’re here to help support all of your marketing initiatives, from offering special promo codes, to helping with email campaigns, and even co-marketing with our eBooks. When you want marketing support, just ask!

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