Cell phones are designed to keep us in touch, but we're often unable to take a call. With calls from friends, business associates, and checkingvoicemailgreetings.jpgmission critical contacts the average voicemail doesn't always cut it. Don't be one of those that uses the "Hey, this is Joe. I'm not here right now so leave me a message.

Your voicemail greeting is the way you're perceived by many of the people you interact with. Often it's their first impression. It can be a recurring impression, that can be as profound as speaking live. Even your personal contacts will appreciate a clear, concise, well-modulated outgoing greeting, rather than the rambling, raspy, version, so many of us allow to speak for us.

Find tips on creating voicemail content you can be proud of, that will reflect well on you, and the organization you may be associated with. You'll find tips on writing, recording, and reviewing your message. We hope it will help you present the best "you" to callers reaching your voicemail. 

Your voicemail message might be the first impression people have of you, whether they are new friends or business associates. First impressions matter.

  • One of the most important things to include in your voicemail message is the information you’d like to hear from callers. This might be as simple as their name, message, and call back number. You might ask the best time for you to call them back or if they’d prefer to receive an email response from you. 
  • For clarity, avoid including background music unless it is very soft.
  • Make sure you go through your inbox and clear out old messages. It’s housekeeping for you, but it also keeps your mailbox open. If your box is full, you could miss important messages.

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